Equipped with upper fixed or fast hooking holders, they are the ideal economy doors to separate working areas (as an acoustic and thermal barrier) and close passageways.

The curtain is made of transparent (coloured on request) extruded PVC strips with anti-cut rounded borders available in various dimensions based on curtain size and transit area.
Flexible material is used both for outside/inside applications with normal temperature and is also available in a special low temperature finish for negative temperature environments.

Upper 180° oscillating support for wall or roof mounting. Available in standard Galvanized or Stainless Steel / INOX AISI 304. Clamp jaws for clamping strips model Oscillating FIX or Rapid for easy removable.

The closure strip can be installed inside the room in external support. It's also possible to fit the top bracket of coasters with ball bearings that slide into a rail. This solution allows you to leave the premises in case of need.

PVC strips extruded transparent to both temperature-Normal low temperature (up to -25°). Versions are available on request for special colored opaque PVC, such as barriers to prevent the passage of UV sunlight (es. Textile industries). The overlap of the strips may be partially or totally depending on the outcome of seal to be obtained. The partial overlap facilitates the transition, the total overlap makes the closure wall a real mobile.