Service and Parts


GLG ensures its products through a Spare Parts Service with prompt delivery of requested pieces and an On-Site Assistance Service with specialized technicians for the most complex operations.

The On-Site Assistance Service provides also "turnkey deliveries" which comprise end customer installations.

General and detailed technical documentation, manuals, dimensional and technical drawings as well as commercial and technical assistance can be requested calling +39.0321.437913 or sending an e-mail to the following address:


GLG is an important benchmark for maintenance companies and firms whit a small scale industrial doors production.
The parts line includes a whole range of standard and tailored made elements for maintaining flexible and high speed doors as well as manufacturing flexible doors and strip curtains.

GLG has always available stocks of standard parts, while tailor made elements, such as spare curtains, are manufactured in very short time.
Logistics allows to quickly ship goods to the reseller office as well as to end customer.