Rollizip is a model which is recommended for places of high traffic intensity. When any impact happens, this flexible curtain is able to re-insert itself. That’s why the door is not vulnerable to damages and the costs of repairs are considerably reduced. The curtain is also equipped with lower flexible border and its safety edge which make it harmless to people in case of impact. Rollizip is produced in different dimensions to adjust it to different locations. The door is characterized by a very high and unique in such models level of endurance when it comes to wind. It is compatible with norms of the European Union. The ideal isolation is provided by a great guide system. The curtain’s standard equipment has everything which is needed for installation on your own. Besides, you get a kit necessary for full functionality and safety. High speed doors of that kind have electrical system, photocells and connector block. All products of GLG are compatible with norms of European Union (EN13241-1) and it is confirmed by certificates.

Real Factory precabled with a simplified fitting. OnePage setup because the main cabling instructions are just in a page.

Every components, mechanical or electrical, is intensively tested both in-house than on-site to give the higher level of functionality in every application even in the heavy usage. The self repairing curtain equipped with soft safety edge allows a safe use in those high traffic areas.

RolliZip is produced to deliver the same design in time but it can be fully customizable depending on customer request.

RolliZip is the solution for the trade that requires a custom products under its brand name but wants it reliable and easy to fit and maintain.